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Czech Republic

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Jana Kudrnová
janakudrnova@volny.cz +420 604 674 229

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Hellou everybody,

how nice of you to visit our web page, thanks a lot. I´m Jan and i´d like to welcome you to Samuel Records - a little hardcore d.i.y. label from Czech Republic / Europe /, this label run one person. why i do this label? i like it:) Our pages are in Czech language sorry! Be sure that we´re working on english pages, too. If you are interested in our label you can write to me, i´ll write you more about it! thanks for your time and write to us soon! we can cooperate in some split releases, trades ... etc.! if you´ll need help with gig for your band, send me promo and write the dates, maybe i can help you with it! if you send me promo from your labels, bands i can write review on best czech web zin czechcore.cz and on my www page, to section ZINE. upcoming releases on samuel will be colaboration beetween some labels and it´ll be Landmine Spring "picture 3 songs EP" 7"EP and Lahar/Gride "split EP" 7"EP. this records will include first issue SAMUEL ZINE with revies, fotos and classic shit :)

By and have a nice day, cheers ...

Jan - Samuel Records

[ see ya there ... ]