V/A - Promo Sampler 2003
[Samuel Records]
A czech label introduces itself. This little teaser for the next year features songs by the bands: Albion, Delusion, Franklin Lakes, His Another Fall, Jetpilot, Landmine Spring and Suffer. Albion: read review in this issue. Delusion are straight moshy hardcore with screaming vocals and not exactly my cup of tea. Franklin Lakes: read review in this issue.The vocals of the band His remind me a lot of Franklin Lakes. Is it the same singer? The drummer can't keep the rhythm straight and sucks when it comes to timing, but beside that confusion their song "Another Fall" is a really enjoyable listen. Jetpilot from Sweden are another good band from that productive country. Upbeat Emopop. Can't wait for their 10" on Samuel Records March 2003. Landmine Spring used to release a 10" on Day After Recs the Czech No.1 label. They disappointed me a little when I saw them @ the Brainpain Festival this year. No more Texas is the Reason alike outfit, but plain noise. Their song on this compilation is also quite exhausting but not bad at all. Suffer: read review in this issue. Afterall a pretty nice roster on this upcoming czech label. In case of starting a label myself I'd also concentrate on swedish bands. (th)

thomas reitmayer
hopeless romantic - unpunk@danceofdays.org

update: 02.12.2008, Samuel