Suffer - "4 Happy Guys & Beautiful Girls"

Suffer - 4 happy guys & beautiful girls
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"4 Happy guys & Beautiful girls" es el primer larga duración de los checos Suffer. Este disco editado al igual que sus anteriores trabajos por Samuel Records contiene 13 temas de punk rock melódico que agradará a seguidores de los primeros discos de blink182 y mxpx. Se agradece enormemente que en una época plagada de grupos chillones con flequillo y camisetas ajustadas se abra paso algo de alegría. Si lo tuyo son las baterías rápidas combinadas con voz melódica y estribillos pegadizos debes hacerte con este disco. Yo no me he podido sacar las canciones de la cabeza desde la primera vez que lo escuché, y aunque a mitad de disco baja un poco la calidad ('bedroom' es la única canción que no me gusta) 'one of us' pone el broche de oro perfecto a un gran album. Puedes comprarlo en by Tim Krysko

Bands like this were everywhere in the late 90s, especially in the state of California, and especially on the charts of (in that sites heydey). I'm talking about the pure, unabashed pop punk modelled after "Dude Ranch"-era Blink 182 and "Life in General"-era MxPx. Emo wasn't part of the equation, just lots of ultra-catchy choruses and sticky guitar hooks. The lyrics were in good spirits, celebrating summer holidays and the opposite sex. So where has all this stuff gone? To the Czech Republic, perhaps?

Enter Suffer, stage right. They fit the above description so well that it's a stretch of the imagination to think they didn't grow up on the beaches of Southern California, or even the beaches of Mediterranean Italy or Spain. Nope, this is probably the most cheerful, catchy pop punk to emerge from a country once behind the Iron Curtain.

I want so badly to deduct marks for the over-the-top juvenility in the lyrics, but damn, these kids are catchy, and I can't help but feel taken back to the time I was fifteen and nothing was more pleasing to my ear than a well-crafted guitar hook and a sing-along chorus I couldn't get out of my head. And Suffer really are good at what they do. These melodies are brilliant, and the hooks are more potent than nicotine. File it under 'guilty pleasure' if you will (the lyrics definitely make me want to bang my head against my desk), but I can't escape these hooks for the life of me.

Suffer - 4 happy guys & beautiful girls [Samuel]
Wow! Melodycore on Samuel Records! 13 party tunes in 34 Minutes. Good vocalist, nice dual guitars, short songs, somehow swedish. For friends of Millencolin, when they were more upbeat. Nice! (th)
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