Jetpilot - "Session With Him"

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Jetpilot- Sessions With Him
I still remember that I have read something about Jetpilot in a forum some months ago. The thread even had a link to an mp3 of their song "Down By The River", which I downloaded back then. To be honest, I didn´t like the song back then. Now I have the full length here, waiting to be reviewed. still Jetpilot are not exactly my kind of music, but to be fair, I have to admit, that the nine songs on this CD are not the worst stuff I´ve heard. Simple Punkrock with a lot of popappeal. Sometimes the songs remind me a bit of LDOA´s first album, but they are more sloppy and not as melancholic. Maybe you should give these boys a try...

Jetpilot review from voice of reason
Oh oh, a band from Sweden. Don't get me wrong, I totally love the old school Death Metal gods from Sweden (too many to list here), but on the other hand there are many Indie bands especially from Sweden that are not too interesting in my opinion (I'm waiting for the hate mail). Fortunately Jetpilot don't play Indie, the songs on "Session with Him" remind me to bands like Samiam or Jimmy Eat World (during their "Static previals" era) and everyone who knows me understands that this is the sound I like a lot. Originally Jetpilot started as a project in the first place, but in the meantime they're a "real" band. Those people who like the bands mentioned above should check them out. I only wonder what the title of the album means: Does it mean that they'd like to have a session with Finnish Rock band Him or who else is Him?! Please let me know. Even though the songs seem to be pretty fitting for the sunny time of the year, there's also a shadow that's hanging over this record: Their drummer Patrik who was in Jetpilot right from the start had an accident short after the first recording session and died two weeks later. He can be heard on four of the songs while new drummer Jonas plays on the other half. Rest in peace, Patrik.

Jetpilot review from
The fact that Sweden is a breeding-ground for outstanding independent bands is nothing new - still, some new Swedish bands rock me off my socks! Jetpilot is a rather new band from Sigtuna and from the first chord on you can tell that those guys have been involved in the music scene for quite some time already. In fact, one of the guys was in Franklin Lakes before, some other members are also active in the hardcore band Dxtr. Well, hardcore is definitely not Jetpilot's cup of tea. The four songs on their first demo offer a contagious mix of pop and rock, topped off by mature and gifted musicianship. This band is emotional without being emo, a rare quality these days! Early Last Days Of April come to mind, but I fear this vague comparison will do neither band justice... No fake feelings and far away from the tear-jerker tracks that poison the airwaves... Rockin' music by gifted musicians - and I'm not surprised at all they're currently working on a mcd for a label. No, it doesn't always have to be Doghouse, Defiance or Rev... open your eyes! Reviewer Sebastian: Score: 4/5

Jetpilot review from
After spinning JetPilot's demos a couple of times, it becomes abundantly clear that these Stockholm Sweden boys saw what The Get Up Kids did in Four Minutes and have set out to do it in three. One can't fault their ambition, but everyone knows that The Get Up Kids have adopted "That 70's" haircuts, and have traded in their youthful ambition for recycling Replacements guitar riffs and snorting coke of hookers rear-ends. They likely haven't run a mile in over 11 minutes since the mid-nineties. Never-the-less, Jetpilot (comprised of ex-members of Europe's Franklin Lakes and Dxtr) is a new emo powerhouse. that is if rousing, up-tempo pop anthems make you weak in the knees. "Just Like Yesterday's" melodic, and cheery guitar lines, strained harmonies, and keyboard tinkering combine to drop more hooks than your grand pappy on a weekend outing to Lake Hyawatha. For those of us who were spinning Jawbreaker at age 15 in lieu of Angel Hair, Slint, or Don Caballero, Swedens Jetpilot is also the perfect reminder that music doesn't have to be high-minded or overly ambitious to be ballsy. The pinging single note soloing in "On My Knees" leads into vocalist Fredrik Kempe's lyrics, "A week before my birthday, she dumped me and it broke my heart," which are delivered with enough adolescent vitality to tease a chuckle rather than a grimace out of this critic. The only track of the eight that had me cringing was "I Don't Know" vocalized by a member of the band who seemingly took vocal lessons from Adam Sandler's opera-inclined newscaster Saturday Night Live character. Cancel your Lumberjack order of the new Schatzi and All-American Rejects albums; contact your long lost European penpal, and rangle up this demo before these guys have Something To Write Home About. - Tim Anderl